Joaillerie et Haute Joaillerie
Joaillerie et Haute Joaillerie
A Parisian world of luxury and elegance Modern and timeless
The collections are created to be paired, they marry one another and create a dialogue of form and material
In 2004, Frederic Sourisse, an Ecole Boulle graduate, began working in jewelry studios in Lyon, France. He spent 8 years traveling the world, meeting clients and sourcing the best precious stones.
In 2012, he opens his first store in the Caribbean, out of a felt connection and love for the region. "Sweet Paris" is thus born, surrounded by waves and sun, where both jewelry and surf are paired, both his passions.
From the Caribbean sun, Frederic takes a position at Place Vendome, his travels and training continue.
In 2013, at a trade show in Kazakhstan, Frederic meets Anastasiia, General Manager of high-end jewelry boutiques in Moscow, one year later from this meeting Juliette Paris is founded.
Two years later, their daughter Juliette is born.
These milestones have created a beautiful beginning, different from the traditional historical family institutions; Juliette Paris is modern in both story and design.
In 2017, Anastasiia and Frederic launch "Piece Unique", their high-end jewelry line. A few months later, they create together Francois Paris, a jewelry line for men.
Today Anastasiia and Frederic reinvent the universal codes of jewelry by offering their Juliette Paris clientele a young and audacious experience, as well, as the ability to be a part of the design process, with joy and ease, their founding values.